How everything started

Hi human beings! (I always imagine human beans though, much funnier)

Everything started in India (Hampi), when two lost souls met each other and liked each other and so on…
The two lost souls in question are:

27 years old, born in Malaga (Spain), she¬† like sports, partying, talking bullshit and laughing at herself and the rest of the human beans. You may see her in pics with or without hair, she’s got a small issue with hair loss.

26 years old, born in Herrenberg (Germany), he likes annoying Nuri, talking bullshit (they share this), climbing and tramping in NZ.

This blog will be very multicultural because we are very cool and we will write everything in English, Spanish and German.
The idea is to show to the world our travels so, you can get some tips if you are traveling, or just follow our adventures.

At the moment we are traveling through New Zealand, it’s being 3 months already but let’s start from the beginning, in November when our Kiwi experience began.